ElderLink® is an ideal wireless, telephone dialer and wired emergency response solution for independent, assisted living and long term care facilities.

Today these communities are requiring high tech amenities that enhance the productivity of the staff and provide residents with as much security as possible. For small to large campus environments, Intego provides flexible plug and play wireless emergency response that maintains resident independence while insuring staff assistance at the touch of a button.

The ElderLink® family of products consists of three versions, ElderLink® 3000 wired system, ElderLink® 9000 wireless and ElderLink® 8000 phone dialer system. Independent and assisted living facilities require residents to signal that they are well on a regular basis. This assures the residents that help will come if something happens. Residents typically use a card or some other device on the door to their apartment to indicate their status. Every twelve hours, they must change the color of the card or flag to show that they are all right. Staff check these indicators and if any residents has not set the appropriate signal, the staff member will check on them.

The ElderLink® Personal Response System is for use in Extended Care or Assisted Living facilities. The system allows residents to push a button in their apartment to register their status with the central computer. A graphical EasyTouch™ display will show any rooms where the resident's check in is overdue. The ElderLink® System may also be used with the PowerTouch™ display.

The ElderLink® system generates a "Request for Check In" at a pre-determined time. This tells the system that the resident needs to register their status. If the timer on this request expires, a warning is put on the attendant's screen showing that this person has yet to register. At the same time, an indicator flashes in the resident's room as a reminder. If a second timer on the request expires, the system will upgrade the warning. This tells the staff that the resident has not registered and that it is critical. The ElderLink® system runs automatically. The only time the user will need to do anything is when a resident is Overdue. Overdue requests are displayed on the Call Answer screen.

Because residents in an extended care community will periodically leave for a time (to visit family, take a trip, etc.), the ElderLink® system allows the staff to show when a resident is absent. This will disable the request to that particular room until the resident returns. At that time, the staff will change the status back and the system will go back to normal operation.